On Metaphor…Circe Conference 2013

29th July, 2013 - Posted by Christine Perrin - No Comments

Metaphor Powerpoint Here is a copy of the powerpoint I used at Circe.  We had a very good time together thinking about the centrality of metaphoric thought by starting with Aristotle, moving on to Robert Frost and then to Walker Percy.  Frost argued that you aren’t educated unless you have had an “Education by Poetry” » Read More

Homeschooling Conventions

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In the last month I attended several homeschooling conventions–you know what I mean:  huge warehouse events with no sensory input from the natural world, loud crowd roars, repetitive conversations, standing for 24 hrs in 3 days, etc…Because I am an HSP (highly sensitive person–according to my stalwart husband and used with a smile) this is » Read More

Robert Frost says Poetry is an Education in Metaphor

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At this website you can read the whole article by Frost, below are some excerpts that explain his argument as to why we need to understand metaphor in order to be educated and why poetry is essential to that education. He writes satirically at first and gets increasingly earnest as the piece goes on. Worth » Read More