ACCS: The Why and How Poetry

2nd July, 2013 - Posted by Christine Perrin - No Comments

ACCS 2013 powerpoint So many wonderful conversations and even singing in the atrium at the ACCS conference just about two weeks ago now.  I wanted to make a public record of the resources of the sessions I was a part of to those who attended my sessions.  Above is the power point from my talk » Read More

Consider an Epiphany Poetry Liturgy

31st December, 2012 - Posted by Christine Perrin - No Comments

Every year, my children’s alma mater–Covenant Christian Academy–does a poetry liturgy to enter more deeply into the reality of the Epiphany. I do it with college students taking jterm intro to poetry as well. This meditative event where, for an hour, a group of people contemplate the significance of an event which is really a » Read More

Poetry Liturgy at Society for Classical Learning

6th July, 2012 - Posted by Christine Perrin - No Comments

We had a wonderful time at the Society for Classical Learning last week! Part of our endeavor was to spend time with literature, immersed, dwelling, not simply referring to our desire to do so. To this end we had a poetry liturgy. A poetry liturgy is an event which leads participants to meditate on literature, » Read More