About the Book

4th March, 2009 - Posted by Christine Perrin - No Comments

The Art of Poetry aims to teach you how to read closely.  When you read a poem, you must take time to be observant.  You must learn the elements of poetry and the history of its tradition; you must bring your own experience and analytical intelligence to the dense words in front of you.  This book will introduce you to many poems to love and know well.  You will learn not only what they mean but how they make their meaning.  Hopefully, you’ll go further and make them part of your thinking;  perhaps you’ll let them talk to you in your daily life and teach you what they know about living.

If you are a teacher who is familiar with poetry and comfortable teaching it, the book will be an excellent guide for organizing your lessons of the elements and history of poetry.  It will also provide many ideas for activities to do surrounding poetry and for application inside and outside the classroom.  Poetry is a good way to learn to analyze and begin to ask questions of interpretation.  It is also great fun and a pleasure and offers the opportunity for students to learn to memorize and cherish language.  The book suggests several timetables in which you could use the material.

If you are a teacher or teaching parent who is less comfortable teaching poetry the Teacher’s Edition as a companion to the text will be a great help to you.  It will walk you through the answers to the questions asked after each poem and offer further explication of numerous poems.  The book gives  numerous possibilities for rhetoric, writing, and vocabulary.  It also leads you to applications that will work for elective and coop groups.

If you are a student be prepared to finally understand how to approach poetry and the figures of speech that poetry employs.  Take a good look at the way metaphor functions in all of life.  Play with words, sounds, and language as you did when you were young–in the olden days.  Start a workshop group at your school or with your friends outside of school.  Use the poems in the book to ignite your own writing.