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22nd June, 2010 - Posted by Christine Perrin - 1 Comment

Ode to the Bird that Sang

The message reverberated in the strong throat
To announce to me the beginning of a new day.
The call is the first sweet call I have heard for weeks -
It echoes through the empty air, the world so full of nothingness
That the call seemed to shatter not silence but a brick wall.
The sound, if not a rhythm, is then a feel, a touch,
A taste, a surprised and elevated heartbeat, a sensation.
It was a message of spring the song told of:
Rain and life and warmth and comfort,
Though bittersweet to me, to say good bye to this white wonderland
But another introduction to wetness and growth.
The call of the Wren is one that I am certain I have heard before,
And will look forward to for as many years as my life consists of.

By Haley Laverty

A Tradition

I remember walking to the pond in our backyard;
As wide as I was long, it had big, big gold fish
Twisting and turning lazily in the murky, shallow water.
With my little basket in hand, how clever I thought I was
To search for an egg in the very back of our yard.
Through the dense ivy, I climbed, circling the pond,
Grubbing for that shiny ball. There it was!
Right next to the dirty little pond.
I picked it up, very happy with my find,
And waded back out of the green undergrowth.

By Madison Vander Ark

The Pine

The pine that came to us
was a Christmas tree.
My aunt gave up on it at only a foot tall.
It didn’t come as a gift but as a hope.

Half/alive, half/dead
the difference is everything.
The pine stood stolidly on.
Constant prayers helping it on.

Short enough to jump over,
but strong enough to survive.
The pine stood on.
Now seventy five feet tall it stands.

So tall it dwarfs our house.
So strong it stands against all winds.
So big it is a giant of trees.
Not slender and tall, but full at big.

The pine stands on.
Ever growing ever changing
Ever standing ever swaying
The pine will stand on.

By Shepherd Yaklin


Dreams, reality, those things inspired by color.
Every movement, every breath,
Only they could decide
what came next into my imagination.

Deep, apparent reds bring back to mind
fire hydrants of days past, only left for my memory’s sake.
Rich, creative patterns on mother’s old furniture
Coming to life right in our living room (in my minds eye!).

Tangy, outgoing oranges
overflow my mind with joy and excitement.
I feel warm and perky when I think of this color
My mind races in circles, remembering that taste, that juicy delight.

Brilliant, simple yellows
make me want to smile, and I do.
The sun, this burning ball of life and energy,
I watch it as it sets in the west sky, becoming night.

Extravagant, mellow greens
Oh how I desire to touch those velvet capes of royalty.
Tender grass in the fields spreading far and wide,
nothing but lush emerald meadows going on evermore.

Royal profound blues, these please me quite suitably,
Refresh me like the ocean, cool, deep and wondrous.
I think about the sky and its limits, it has none,
Light, too great for anyone to touch, but I still believe I can.

Soft delicate purples, I see in the Queens dress,
flowing in the gentle wind with delicate movements.
I feel timid and shy with this color on my mind,
Too beautiful, like the amethyst jewel, what decency that brings.

These emotions, all a gift from the one above,
A promise He gave that He would never break.
The mean for this act is only by His love,
I am extremely thankful for His colors!

By Briana Marion

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Haley Laverty

June 24th, 2010 at 1:48 pm    

haha, that’s great! I especially like Madi’s. Her revisions for that one were great!!!

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