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In the last month I attended several homeschooling conventions–you know what I mean:  huge warehouse events with no sensory input from the natural world, loud crowd roars, repetitive conversations, standing for 24 hrs in 3 days, etc…Because I am an HSP (highly sensitive person–according to my stalwart husband and used with a smile) this is problematic for me–24 hours of this and I’m just done for.  As I prepared for these events, I hoped for help and strength and some meaningful conversations.  It all came to me in wonderful ways, chief among them my conversation with Corina.

Corina came to our booth having listened to a talk I gave at the Society for Classical Learning (website: on Robert Frost.  Not only had she thought deeply about the comments I made (and quoted some of them from memory) she spent the school year with Frost and her children.  They read A Restless Spirit:  The Story of Robert Frost by Natalie Bober as well as many of his poems.  When I say read I mean internalized, possessed, built a world around:  she recalled (in my presence) bits of poems and their narratives as well as specific language which she had been meditating on, dwelling with such that it helped her to understand her life, to understand the lives around her.  One such example is the poem:  ”One Step Backward Taken” written after numerous deaths in the Frost family–

Not only sands and gravels/ Were once more on their travels,/ But gulping muddy gallons/ Great boulders off their balance/ Bumped heads together dully/ And started down the gully./ Whole capes caked off in slices./ I felt my standpoint shaken/ In the universal crisis./ But with one step backward taken/ I saved myself from going./ A world torn loose went by me./ Then the rain stopped and the blowing,/ And the sun came out to dry me.

Do you see how joyful this experience became for me, how it carried me through the tedium and exhaustion and sensory deprivation of the show and into my life?  I had found a kindred spirit who took my labor to the next step, who broke bread with me through technology and now in my presence.  We could all live this way if we choose, even in the hard parts of our lives!

If you would like to read Frost with your children the biography mentioned above is written for children.  A good book to start with is Poetry for Young People.  Then move on to a selected or collected edition of his poems.  If you would like specific recommendations of my top 10 Frost poems, let me know.  Consider memorizing “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening.”  These are poems that are generously represented in The Art of Poetry and also explicated.


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