A Great Poem for Young Children for this Season

8th May, 2013 - Posted by Christine Perrin - No Comments

Some People

Isn’t it strange some people make
You feel so tired inside,
Your thoughts begin to shrivel up
Like leaves all brown and dried!

But when you’re with some other ones,
It’s stranger still to find
Your thoughts as thick as fireflies
All shiny in your mind!

Rachel Field

This is a great poem to share with your kids and to have them memorize. In addition to being delightful for the mouth it helps kids to understand relationships, it helps them also to understand metaphor. Notice how feeling tired inside because of an unhappy or exhausting exchange with a person is compared to leaves “brown and dried,” and another type of exchange with a person compared to fireflies “all shiny in your mind.” This makes the young reader think about what kind of person in her life makes her feel like swarming fireflies. This is the season where the fireflies start coming out. They’re magical, they seem like proof that the world has a mind behind it–small stars that we can catch? Amazing. To compare the delight felt in a good relationship to this experience is to lend us the thrill of the original experience and an image for the joy of such friendship. If we haven’t felt such a relationship before it encourages us to look for one.

Next time–another Firefly poem by Robert Frost! Don’t miss spring this year, let poetry lead you farther in!

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