Poetry Liturgy at Society for Classical Learning

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We had a wonderful time at the Society for Classical Learning last week! Part of our endeavor was to spend time with literature, immersed, dwelling, not simply referring to our desire to do so.

To this end we had a poetry liturgy. A poetry liturgy is an event which leads participants to meditate on literature, visual, music which has been designed to help the participant to reflect on a given subject. As topics you could choose an event in the church calendar year such as Good Friday, Epiphany, Nativity or you could use a civic holiday and once religious celebration such as Thanksgiving or even a subject of contemplation such as the holy spirit or the good life.

Organizers (usually the teacher or parent) choose a selection of approximately 5-10 poems (less is better to err on the side of) and a similar amount of paintings. Let students pair up and write reflections together on the painting/poem or one or the other (you decide what you prefer). Intersperse music of any sort that seems appropriate to your theme–jazz, folk, classical–and which helps you to dwell on the matters at hand.

We had a wonderful time with this liturgy which was on the subject of Ordinary Time and included 2 teachers and three students. I am including the order of the event and the photographs that we paired. Included are 2 reflections that give you a sample of how these work–evidence of analysis is good combined with reflection and the response of the speaker.

If you have questions about this, please leave it on the blog or contact me directly. Feel free to use this one at your school.

We have found very normal (not just super poetry geeks) students listen attentively to these events which are put on by students, often we take time at the end for silent reflection or even a responsive writing assignment.

Here is the content for the liturgy SCL poetry liturgy content

Here is the powerpoint of the images poetry liturgy ordinary time 2012

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