Good quote about poetry from CK Williams

4th March, 2009 - Posted by Christine Perrin - 1 Comment

This comes from the most recent issue of Poetry (March 2009)–a journal for poetry and poetry criticism.  CK Williams, a noted poet, says this about poetry.  “Often, our experience of beauty will be the first hint of what each of us at some point will dare call our soul.  For don’t those first stirrings of that eternally uncertain, barely grasped notion of something more than mere mind, mere thought, mere emotion, usually first come to us in the line of a poem, a passage of music, of teh unreal yet more-than-real image in a painting?

This journal is worth picking up.  It will teach you how people talk about poems.  There are also often good poems written by living poets in it.  You can also find out about it online at POETRYMAGAZINE.ORG

Posted on: March 4, 2009

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Lenora Riley

March 5th, 2009 at 2:39 pm    

Wow, that’s a great quote! I love the idea of beauty reaching so much deeper in to our souls than “mere mind”.

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