Virtue in the literature classroom

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We had a wonderful discussion at CIRCE prompted by the following quote:   If all great art is symbolic of a kind of moral plenitude, of conflicting attitudes and impulses explored and worked through toward some ideal clarity, the act of reading is itself a model of ideal human relations, aspiring toward a perfect attentiveness » Read More

On Metaphor…Circe Conference 2013

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Metaphor Powerpoint Here is a copy of the powerpoint I used at Circe.  We had a very good time together thinking about the centrality of metaphoric thought by starting with Aristotle, moving on to Robert Frost and then to Walker Percy.  Frost argued that you aren’t educated unless you have had an “Education by Poetry” » Read More

ACCS AND SCL: pleasure and practice in the literature classroom

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I’m combing two panel talks at two different conferences in the last couple of weeks to produce these blog recommendations:  Effective Practices in the Literature Classroom and The Role of Pleasure in Classical Education. Here are some suggestions that came from both of these discussions: I start every class having students recite either a poem » Read More

ACCS: The Why and How Poetry

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ACCS 2013 powerpoint So many wonderful conversations and even singing in the atrium at the ACCS conference just about two weeks ago now.  I wanted to make a public record of the resources of the sessions I was a part of to those who attended my sessions.  Above is the power point from my talk » Read More