Doing an assignment on poetry with my students

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I am as far as the deepest sky between clouds and you are as far as the deepest root and wound, Read More

ACCS: The Why and How Poetry

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ACCS 2013 powerpoint So many wonderful conversations and even singing in the atrium at the ACCS conference just about two weeks ago now.  I wanted to make a public record of the resources of the sessions I was a part of to those who attended my sessions.  Above is the power point from my talk » Read More

Bishop learns from Herbert: The Fish a poem for survivors

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She did not share his religious convictions, but it is interesting that as a secular person she was able to embrace his poems and learn how to write poems from him. She who called herself “the loneliest person on earth,” was companioned by Herbert who book went with her everywhere. Read More

Classroom Design and Education: A revelation while teaching Introduction to Poetry this January

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This January, I taught a college general education literature course (in other words, most students in the class were not English majors and were in the class to fulfill a requirement). I decided, at the last minute to hold the class in a room called “The Loft” which is a large living room with leather » Read More

How I am including Poetry in my homeschooling day

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We are classically homeschooling our 15 year old son this year (my husband Christopher Perrin, my father Gordon Zubrod, and I). This change creates the usual kid in a candy shop situation–so many great things to study and read how do we choose? High on our priority list is teaching time management and the ordering » Read More